Who We Are

We are a group of paranormal investigators who investigate haunted location and try to connect the history of that location to the paranormal experiences.  We came together because of paranormal experiences in each of our lives and now we want to help others who are experiencing the same thing.


We are committed to our clients and respect their confidentiality. All information about each client we handle is treated with respect and kept private. We understand how frightening and alone some may feel who have to deal with unwanted paranormal activity around them.  You are not alone and you can trust us to help you as best we can. 

We are committed to investigating, researching and finding a permanent solution to your paranormal issues. Each of our members bring a unique skill set and background to our investigation. With that diversity we are able to use high tech equipment, our own intellect and our individual spirituality to help you in any situation.

Every investigation is unique and we handle each case with an open mind and fresh views. We strive to resolve every situation we face but there are no guarantees we can rid your home of paranormal activity. If we cannot resolve your situation we will work hard to find any external sources than can help you.


We also investigate historical locations and enjoy trying to connect the history of a location with the paranormal activity reported there.  We provide a full report to each location including any data we collect involving the paranormal activity.  

We also can work with a location to volunteer our services for events, talks or public investigations involving your location.

Places We Have Investigated